Building Understanding in Drawing

Aims and Intent

“As educators, it is important that we develop our own understanding of what drawing can be. We can then ensure we open up drawing so that it is accessible to all learners.” Paula Briggs

At AccessArt we want to enable educators to plan a dynamic and rewarding creative education in drawing for ALL learners. AccessArt’s ethos is to aim high: we want to make sure we do our learners justice in terms of feeding their creative development. But we also need to make sure non-specialist or inexperienced educators feel encouraged and enabled to be ambitious in what they teach.

Explore the resources below to build your understanding of what  drawing can be, both as an activity and an outcome. 

Explore Resources to Develop Understanding...

What Is Drawing?

What Is The Purpose of Drawing?

What Are Drawing Skills?

Why Use Drawing Exercises?

Balancing Observational & Experimentation Drawing

Explore Drawing Across Different Ages...

Drawing Pedagogy and approach for ages 4-11

drawing for ages 11-16

Explore all drawing resources

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