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Scratching into wet paint.

By facilitating an exploration of different painting media, learners understand through experience how the medium acts for them. We can then help all learners explore line, colour, shape, mark making and composition. Alongside this material exploration, learners build understanding of the intention behind the painterly marks they make. 

Build understanding of painting as an activity and as an outcome, and develop skills to help facilitate a creative and inclusive exploration of painting in others.

Dip Your Toes Into Painting!

Explore these sample resources to help introduce painting to your learners. All these resources can be adapted to all settings and all ages

Working on black paper

Expressive painting and colour mixing

Drawable: Exploring Watercolour exploration

Explore Painters

Explore these painters, traditional and contemporary, working with paint and natural pigments

Dutch and flemish still life

Charlie french

Francis Hatch

Explore Painting Media

Watercolour & Acrylic are both great materials to facilitate an exploratory approach to painting practice

Explore Watercolour

Explore Acrylic

See All AccessArt Painting Resources

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