Talking Points: Frances Hatch

A collection of imagery and sources designed to stimulate conversation around the work of Frances Hatch.

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Frances Hatch

Frances is a plein-air artist who responds creatively to the landscape around her. Frances uses the natural materials available to her in the environment that she is painting in, for example soil and grass or rock pigment. 

“I am a participant in a conversation with the land. I respond rather than impose – working with what is given.”

Finished artwork inspired by the Guillemot egg. I used the quality of the lines and the colour throughout my residency at Durlston.

Questions to Ask Children

How do you think that dipping paper in water changes the quality of the pencil?

Is there a space in your local area where you would like to sit and draw?

Watch this video without volume on. Then play it with the volume on but ask the children to close their eyes and just listen. Finally watch the video again with eyes open and volume on. 

Questions To Ask Children

Does the painting feel different when you tune into the sounds of the city? How so?

Inspired by the Guillemot egg

Questions to Ask Children

How would you describe Frances’s work?

How does it make you feel?

How would you describe the colours that she uses?

Can you name some natural materials that could be used for drawing and painting from around your local area?

Resource on AccessArt: Working WITH and IN the Landscape

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