Printmaking: Explore Abstract Patterns

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Claire Willberg, Sinclair Ashman, 

In this pathway, for ages 11 to 16, we explore the work of printmakers who use abstract pattern in their work. Use their work as the basis for conversation in the classroom. 

Continue your exploration by using the AccessArt resources below to enable your pupils to create their own illustrated stories.

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Northmore Rug Collaboration by Rachel Parker
ages 11-14
ages 14-16


Watch this video to see Claire’s creative process in action.

While you’re watching think about how you could use discarded objects in a creative way to play with shape and composition.  

Find out how Claire used the leftover shapes from her prints to create animations.

Experimental Collagraph by Sinclair Ashman

Experimental printmaker Sinclair Ashman ‘pushes the limitations of the collagraph technique and the physical limitations of the printing press.’

He experiments with various ways of making plates using objects such as dishcloths, plastic fruit bags and leaves and twigs to name a few.

He has also explored metallic inks, large print sizes and embossings. See more of Sinclair’s work.

And Use These AccessArt Resources...

Easy Printmaking Techniques

Before you start use our pdf to find out about the different printing methods and pick one that works for you.

Explore a Screen Printing Hack

Don’t worry if you don’t have access to large screens for screen printing. Explore this screen printing hack by Paula Briggs to explore printing abstract shapes. 


Explore Pattern in Print

This resources by Rachel Parker and collage simple repeat patterns that can be taken into printing techniques. Take inspiration from Claire Willberg and think about objects and shapes.

Play with screen printed papers, exploring pattern, and repetition in this resource. Or familiarise students with relief print through simple Lino cutting and play with creating repeat patten outcomes. 


Explore Abstraction in Print

Feeling inspired by Sinclaire’s work? Use and adapt this experimental collagraph workshop run by Andy Mckenzie. Or use this activity to create foil, mixed media and cardboard printing plates.

Or experiment with mono printing. This resource describes three simple ways to get started.


Explore Stop Motion Animation

This resources shares how to make a stop motion animation – adapt it to use abstract coloured shapes inspired by Claire Willberg above. 


Pedagogy in 250 Words: 'How to Use Artists Work as Inpiration in the Classroom'

Pedagogy in 250 Words: 'How to Use Artists Work as Inpiration in the Classroom'

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