Talking Points: Faith Ringgold

Introducing you to the work of Faith Ringgold.

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Faith Ringgold

Faith Ringgold is an artist and activist who grew up during the Harlem Renaissance. Ringgold communicates personal narratives, history and politics through her painted quilts.

In this video Faith Ringgold discusses how she fought to get women and African-American artists into museums.

Watch this video to see how Ringgold combines cloth, paint and thread to make her quilts.

Questions to Ask Children

Faith emphasises the importance of focussing upon personal experience through art; How does she do this and why do you think this is important?

Are there things you care about that you’d like to make art about to help you share your thoughts/views? What’s important to you?

“When they’re looking at my work, they’re looking at a painting and they’re able to accept it better because it is also a quilt.” – Faith Ringgold

Why do you think people are more accepting of a quilt than a painting? What do you associate with quilts?



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