Talking Points: Lauren Child

A collection of imagery and sources designed to stimulate conversation around the work of Lauren Child.

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Lauren Child

Lauren Child is a childrens book author and illustrator. She is well known for the collection of books ‘Charlie and Lola’ which were later adapted into a childrens animation. 

Find out more about Lauren’s creative process in the sources below.

Lauren’s Website

Apologies if you cannot view these videos below on Youtube because your school has blocked Youtube. 

Illustrating Pippa Longstockings Goes Abroad

Questions to Ask Children

What do you like about the character Pippi Longstocking?

How might you make Pippi Longstockings move?

Why do you think that Lauren layers the body parts?

Questions to Ask Children

Who’s your favourite book character? Why do you like them so much?

Notice how the illustrator and designer work together. What did they do that was so important?

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