Talking Points: Olympic Design

A collection of imagery and sources designed to introduce children to the designers behind the Olympic games.

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What does designing the Olympics and Paralympics entail?

Questions to Ask Children

What do designers need to create for the Olympics?

Why is it important to have a design that unites the Olympic games across the city?

How might designers present the culture of their city through design?

If you were designing an Olympics in your local area, what might you take inspiration from?

London 2012

See how design can generate discussion.

Questions to Ask Children

Do you think the design for London 2012 represented the UK? Why?

Do you like the design? Why?

Do you think that discussions about whether the logo was suitable is a good thing or a bad thing? Why?

Munich 1972

See how design was used to rebrand post WWII Germany for the 1972 Olympic games.

Questions to Ask Children

Describe the colours and shapes that you saw in the designs for the 1972 Olympics.

What do you like/dislike about the design? Why?

How does the design make you feel?

Do you think the design was successful in rebranding a post war Germany? Why?

Los Angeles 1984

Find out how the design of the Olympics was spread throughout the city with bright and colourful installations.

Questions to Ask Children

Describe the colours and shapes that you saw in the designs for the 1984 Olympics.

How does the design of the 1984 Olympics make you feel?

Do you like the design from the 1984 Olympics? Why?

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