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AccessArt is keen to encourage schools to introduce pupils to the work of dynamic, diverse, contemporary artists from a variety of disciplines. These artists can be valuable role models for children, helping to demonstrate how creative skills can be used in real life. 

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New artists, designers and makers are added each month. 

Jason Line Still Life Painter

In this post artist Jason Line shares his passion for Still Life painting. Jason reveals the importance of understanding the structure and nature of items and shares with us how having the freedom to play with composition time and time again helps to create balance and complexity in his paintings. Read More

Rachel Parker Surface Pattern Designer

Rachel Parker is a talented surface pattern designer based in the UK. With early success at the New Designers show, she has since gone onto design patterns for Studio Flock and Dashwood Studio. In this post Rachel shares her creative process from sketchbook to final design, and talks about how she gets inspired by everyday life! Read More

Cas Holmes Textile Artist

In this resource Textile artist Cas Holmes shares her everyday connections with place. Cas talks about her interests in the symbolism of everyday, from the need for the things we recognise as ours such as family, to the need to eat. This resource takes us through the journey of Cas’s childhood memories, her travels to India and the exploration of her Romani Heritage through her textiles practice. Read More

Su Blackwell Book Artist and Set Designer

Su Blackwell is an artist who creates beautiful cut out paper illustrations. As well as exhibiting her sculptures worldwide, she has also designed sets for theatre and been involved in many high profile campaigns. In this resource Su shares her journey working within the realm of paper, from her own experiments with books forests to being the set designer working on the set for Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘The Snow Queen’. Read More

Nathan Ward Paper Installation Artist & Animator

Nathan is a recent Illustration Animation graduate from Kingston University. His paper-crafting skills have landed him commissions from shop window installations, to stop-motion sets in adverts. In this resource he shares his journey from GCSE student to Art and Design graduate and tells us about the limitless power of paper. Read More

Toby Pritchard 2D & 3D Animator

Toby Pritchard is a recent Masters Graduate from Manchester School of Art where he studied Illustration. In this post he shares his creative journey and the development of his practice over the years from 3D Stop Motion Animation to more digital animation. Toby talks about inspirations, from artists like Eyvind Earle to percussion music and explains how anthropomorphism (the attribution of human characteristics or behaviour to a god, animal, or object) has given his work life. Read More

Rosie Hurley Model Maker & 3D Illustrator

Rosie Hurley is a recent graduate from the Cambridge School of Art where she specialised in 3D illustration. Her delicate models are photographed and used to tell a story in place of traditional 2D drawings. In this resource Rosie shares her project following the storyline from Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot. She talks about the whole process of this project from inspirations and initial sketches to final models and photographs. Read More

Natsko Seki Illustrator

Natsko Seki is a Japanese Illustrator based in England. She gained an Illustration degree from the University of Brighton, and has since gone onto create many travel inspired commissions recognised world wide. In this resource Natsko shares the inspirations and creative process behind this collaboration between her and publisher Design for Today’s  folding book and card game. This resource could be of interest to both primary and secondary aged students. Read More

Gabby Savage-Dickson is a multidisciplinary artist who recently graduated from Manchester School of Art. In this interview she shares her love for story telling through etching, and tells us about her traditional printmaking process. This post may be of interest to those at secondary school. Read More

Gabby Savage-Dickson Felting & Set Design

Gabby Savage-Dickson is a multidisciplinary artist who has recently graduated from Manchester School of Art. Within her work she merges her love for embroidery and illustration to create colourful lively sets. In this post she shares the inspirations and processes behind her work, and the successes of merging different skillsets. This post may be of interest to primary and secondary aged students and will inspire you to craft the house of your dreams. Read More

We Are Out Of Office Multidisciplinary Artists

We Are Out Of Office are a multidisciplinary duo based in Utrecht in the Netherlands. In this post they talk about their creative journey, from making their own DIY screen printing workshop, to the benefits of collaboration, their love for printmaking and how they have adapted their designs into ceramics, rugs and sculptures. Read More

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