AccessArt Enquiry-Based Learning For Teenagers: The Structure

The Questions

Each year group will explore a key question*, aided by a series of statements:

What Is Art?

A tool for change in the world

A way to express myself in the world

A way to understand & shape the world


How Can We Make Art?

Through our bodies and/or through digital 

As individuals or collectively

Through borrowing, reforming, responding 


What Can Art Do For Me?

It can help me express 

It can help me understand 

It can help me imagine 

It can help me connect 

It can help me grow 

It can help me shape 


*In each question we define “art” as ‘art, craft & design”

The Lenses

Based upon the core values of  AccessArt Enquiry-Based Learning, six Lenses add focus and depth to each of the areas of exploration:

Play & Purpose

Emotion & Understanding

Identity & Empathy

Physical & Digital

Listen, Speak, Collaborate


The Pathways

The Pathways form the practical structure of  AccessArt Enquiry-Based Learning for teenagers.

The Pathways provide pupils with the opportunity to explore different disciplines (for example painting, sculpture, craft, architecture, design), ideas (exploration and understanding of the concepts which surround the making of an artwork) and contexts (the time, geography, historical background etc surrounding the making of artworks which lend to their creation), and provides the structure and freedom to help pupils to build knowledge and skills in art.

The Pathways connect pupils to diverse, contemporary and historical significant artists helping pupils understand the ways in which artists explore, communicate, connect and challenge.

Discovering the relevance and purpose of art to themselves as individuals and communities ensures they build cultural capital which lasts beyond their school years.

The Lenses help guide the ethos and intention of the pathways, ensuring that in addition to learning about art, pupils are also learning through art about themselves.

AccessArt Enquiry-Based Learning for Teenagers puts the purpose behind learning about and through art, at the centre of the curriculum. Through the structures above we help pupils answer the key questions:

who am i in the world
whod i want to become
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