EYFS: How Can We Explore 3D Materials?

The world is full of materials, waiting to be transformed by our hands, hearts and heads. 

Giving children plenty of opportunity to explore materials through free exploration, ungoverned by our expectations of “outcome”, is vital if we are to help build experience of what it is possible to create.  

The resources below help enable an open-ended exploration of materials using construction and modelling techniques, whilst developing dexterity and imagination skills. 

Plasticine Feature on a Potato by Rachel Thompson
EYFS badge by Tobi Meuwissen
SEND badge by Tobi Meuwissen

Try These Activities...

Make a mini world for the bugs around you. See the Resource.

Explore colour, form, modelling and construction to make characterful faces. See the Resource.

Explore clay through play! See the Resource.

Explore how to use recycled packaging and cardboard to make a cardboard world. See the Resource.

Make colourful pages and construct simple sketchbooks. See the Resource.

Explore the tactile qualities of materials combined with movement to make patterns. See the Resource. 


Create plasterboard casts by moulding modroc over found materials to create textured surfaces to paint on. See the Resource.

A special thank you to Scola and Daler Rowney for their support.

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