EYFS: How Can We Explore Colour?

Exploring colour gives us a great opportunity to interact with the world through our senses. 

In addition to developing our early knowledge of colour and colour mixing, we can also approach colour in an intuitive way, enjoying and exploring the way colour makes us feel

Choose one or more of the activities below to enable a fun and intuitive exploration of colour.

5. tasting colour composition
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Try These Activities...

Explore how various media respond on a textured surface. This activity encourages the development of skills such as colour recognition, colour mixing, mark-making and also aims to nurture curiosity and creative risk taking. See the Resource

Adapt the ‘To Colour‘ resource to suit the needs of your children. Explore questions such as ‘what does colour feel like?’ and ‘what does colour smell like?’ through a series of sensory activities.

Create collages from rubbings, promoting skills such as dexterity and mark-making, as well as nurturing curiosity about textures and surfaces in the world. See the Resource. 

Encourage children to become collectors in their environment, choosing their favourite objects, arranging them and becoming familiar with materials through drawing. See the Resource

Explore three different methods of  creating simple prints using string and poster paint. See the Resource. 

Give learners the opportunity to create and wear their own T-shirt design. See the Resource. 

A special thank you to Scola and Daler Rowney for their support.

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