EYFS: How Can We Use Our Bodies To Make Art?

We often assume we make art using our hands and eyes, but we can use all our senses to inform our exploration.

Resources in this session encourage pupils to explore how they can engage with the world and explore materials through their bodies and their senses. 

14.colour, shape and movement
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Try These Activities...

How can we use our bodies to make a response to the art we see?  See the Resource. 

Adapt this resource to enable an exploration of drawing inspired by sounds. See the Resource.

Adapt this resource to explore how movement and memory can be translated into drawing. See the Resource.

Explore the tactile qualities of materials combined with movement to make patterns. See the Resource. 


Use hands and feet to make prints. Please note this resource also features in Year 1 of the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum, so if your school uses it then you may want to adapt the theme and colours used.  See the Resource. 

Adapt this resource to enable large scale drawings or paintings and explore relationship with the artwork they create. See the Resource.

Adapt this resource to suit the needs of your children. Explore questions such as ‘what does colour feel like?’ and ‘what does colour smell like?’ through a series of sensory activities. See the Resource.

Explore three different methods of  creating simple prints using string and poster paint. See the Resource. 

A special thank you to Scola and Daler Rowney for their support.

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