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Retelling Stories, Transformation

Books, Paper Engineering

Julie Chen, Theresa Easton

In this pathway, suitable for ages 9 to 16, we explore the work of artists who use paper engineering to bring the pages of books to life.  Use their work as the basis for conversation in the classroom, and then use the AccessArt resources below to enable pupils to explore ways they might create interaction and intrigue through the pages of books. 

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Theresa Easton Turkish Map Fold
ages 9-11
ages 11-14
ages 14-16

Explore Book Artists

Inspired by Julie Chen

Julie is an Artist with a talent for creating books that are not at first what they seem to be. With hidden folds and complex structures, Julie breaks the boundaries of what we originally might think of as being “book”, to create exciting and unexpected treasures with paper.

Browse Julies work on her website to get a real sense of what it means to push the boundaries of “book”.  See Julie Chen’s site. 

Watch Julie’s Books Unfold

Watch the video to discover how Julie’s books are engineered to transform into new forms.

Find out more about how Julie creates her books here.

AccessArt Resources

Use Theresa Easton’s Turkish Map Fold Resource to Explore Concertinas 

Explore paper folding using this AccessArt resource. Explore Book Art by creating just one Turkish Map Fold or a whole concertina full using different patterns, colours or papers.  See the Resource. 

Design and Make Your Own Book Art

Design and build your own Puzzle Purse. Use and adapt the Make A Repeated Pattern resource to unveil a beautiful pattern in your Turkish Map Fold books, or use the Puzzle Purse resource to create and reveal your own stories.

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