The #BeACreativeProducer Animations!

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How You Might Use our Animations

The teenage #BeACreativeProducer team have made over 25 minutes of film & animations to inspire creativity in ages 10 to 16. The scenes are split below for ease of viewing, or you can watch the film in its entirety here (26 minutes).

The animations introduce concepts about teenage creativity. You may wish to use them to stimulate conversation and discussion, to help teenagers assimilate the ideas before they go on to explore their own creativity.

We hope that throughout the animations, we demonstrate how teenage creative skills can be used collaboratively to create inspirational content. 

Once you have watched the animations, take a look at our animation resources which share animation techniques and ideas (including \”the making of\” certain scenes below).

Part One


Part One

Are You A Consumer or a Producer?

Take our friendly quiz to help you think about your attitude to digital media!

5 minutes

Part 2 Scene 1

Be Creative

Intro: 1 minute 30 seconds

Part 2 Scene 2

Why is Being Creative Important?

5 Reasons why being creative is important!

Being creative can help build sense of self, help us create a safe space, help us tackle challenges in all areas of life, it\’s fun AND everything in our world has been designed or made.

2 minutes 56 seconds

Part 2 Scene 3

So How Can We Become More Creative

This scene explores how we can allow our creativity to flourish.

5 minutes

Part 2 Scene 4

What Stops Us From Being Creative?

We all experience the same doubts: we think what we do won\’t be good enough, or worry what other people will think, or we put things off until tomorrow (which never comes!). Explore the 7 \”Ogres\” which can hold us back from being creative!

4 minutes 14 seconds

Part 2 Scene 5

Creativity Hacks: Tips for Helping Creative Juices Flow!

Lots of things can help you on our creative journey. Work in collaboration with others, use social media to inspire and most of all, focus on the things you like doing…

5 minutes 10 seconds


Watch the Big Band!

50 seconds

Watch the Film in its Entirety (26 Minutes)