Pathway: How Can I Create Sculpture Inspired By Books & Storytelling?

This is an enquiry-based creative learning pathway for learners between the ages of 11-16. Find more enquiry-based pathways here.

Discipline: Book Art, Sculpture

In this pathway, suitable for ages 9 to 14, we explore the work of artists who make sculpture from books.  Use their work as the basis for conversation in the classroom, and then use the AccessArt resources below to enable pupils to explore ways they might create their own sculptures and artworks by transforming books.

Narrative, Transformation

Books, Mixed media, Construction

Su Blackwell, Andersen M Studio

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miluka's pleated form
Folded paper added to create tail feathers
ages 9-11
ages 11-14

Explore Book Artists

Inspired by Su Blackwell

Books can be a great way to create a physical world, big or small.  Find out how Su Blackwell creates set designs and brings stories to life through book sculptures in out “Talking Points: Su Blackwell“. 

Read more about Su Blackwell’s creative process in this “Which Artists: Su Blackwell” resource, written by the artist.

Andersen M Studio

Find out how Andersen M studio create animations from book and paper sculptures. Find a range of campaigns that they’ve worked on using “Talking Points: Andersen M Studio“.

Find other campaigns on their website.

AccessArt Resources

3D Drawing With Paper

Explore paper as a structure that can be manipulated. Warm up with “Simple Drawing Exercise: Drawing to the Slow Rhythm of a Metronome“. 

Use and adapt our “3D Drawing With Paper” resource to create and photograph 3D paper sculptures.


Transform Books

Adapt the “Book Art” resource and enable students to transform a book into sculpture, inspired by the narrative of the book.

Create sculptures out of book pages inspired by the “Book Transformation: Flock of Birds” resource.

Use and adapt the “Articulated and Animated Drawings” resource and create engineering solutions to animate drawing. Take inspiration from Su Blackwell and collage the drawings with book pages.


Notes for Teachers

Pedagogy in 250 Words: How do we use Artists in schools?

Pedagogy in 250 Words: Design Through Making

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