Exploring Books as a Sculptural Material


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Books, Mixed media, Construction

Su Blackwell, Andersen M Studio

In this pathway, suitable for ages 9 to 14, we explore the work of artists who make sculpture from books.  Use their work as the basis for conversation in the classroom, and then use the AccessArt resources below to enable pupils to explore ways they might create their own sculptures and artworks by transforming books.

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ages 9-11
ages 11-14

Explore Book Artists

Inspired by Su Blackwell

Books can be a great way to create a physical world, big or small!  Find out how Su Blackwell created the set for ‘The Snow Queen’ starting with just a book and a story. See how her set came to life here.

Star Alliance, by  Andersen M Studio

Andersen M Studio were commissioned to create an animation for Star Alliance (an airline alliance) to highlight five specific destinations offered. Find out how they used plane tickets to create this advert.

Find out more about how Andersen M Studio uses book art in advertising campaigns here.   

AccessArt Resources

3D Drawing With Paper

Start with this slow Drawing Exercise to begin to explore the nature of paper. Learn to manipulate paper from 2d to 3d in this resource

Follow by adapting this 3D Drawing With Paper resource for primary ages to enable children to build 3D drawings with paper using the Design Through making approach. See the Resource. 


Transform Books Into Artwork 

Adapt the resource here to enable children to transform a book into artwork using our Design Through making approach. See the Resource. 

Or design and build your own book worlds using this resource by Rose Feather. Or animate in books using Mostyn de Beers Animating Books activity. 

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