Making Physical or Digital Layered Portraits by Mike Barrett

“Everything starts with a drawing” says digital artist Mike Barret (aka Emelbi). Produced as part of the DrawAble project, Mike shares with us what inspires him, and how we can make our own, individual work, either digitally or physically. Each resource is free to access, and the videos and text are appropriate for children to access directly.

Mike starts by sharing his passion for making digital portraits. He then takes us through a three-part process: draw a portrait, build a background, and combine the two images to make a layered narrative (autobiographical) portrait.  

Let Me Inspire You by Mike Barrett

Mike shares his love of making digital portraits

Making Layered Portraits Part Two by Mike Barrett

Mike shows us how to create backgrounds layered with symbols, marks, colours and textures

Making Layered Portraits Part One by Mike Barrett

In Part One Mike creates the portrait head and talks about using symbols and marks which resonate with the artist

Making Layered Portraits Part Three by Mike Barrett

Finally Mike shows us how we might combine portrait and background into one autobiographical portrait
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