What Can AccessArt Do For You?


Teachers of Ages 4 to 11

AccessArt can help Primary Schools and their equivalents develop a rich creative curriculum which supports the development of teachers as well as pupils. 

Explore all we have to offer teachers of children aged 4 to 11.

Teachers of Ages 11 to 16

AccessArt can help encourage young teenagers to explore their creativity. Our resources promote open-ended non-didactic learning which aims to empower young people to own their creative journey.

Be inspired by our teenage focused projects, explore what creativity can offer young people, and access over 1500 resources. 

An Artist Educator

AccessArt helps support artist educator best practice by the open sharing of high quality teaching and learning ideas. Be inspired by over 1500 resources, and contribute to the pot by submitting your own ideas.

We also aim to raise the profile and status of artist-led or artist inspired teaching and learning amongst the whole community. 

A Carer or Parent

AccessArt believes parents can play a key role in ensuring schools continue their offering of high quality arts education.

We play a role in helping parents understand why arts education is important, and in showing how parents might support their child’s creative education at home. 

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