Printmaking: Urban Landscapes


AccessArt is compiling visual lists of artists, designer and makers who schools might like to use as sources of inspiration in the classroom. Explore these printmakers who are inspired by urban landscapes. Continue your exploration by using AccessArt resources to get your class to make their own work #InsipedBy artists.

These resources will inspire upper Key Stage 2 children (ages 9 and 11) and Key Stage 3 and 4 children (ages 11 to 16) to think about printmaking. 

ages 5-8
ages 9-11
ages 11-14
ages 14-16

Explore Printmakers...

Be Inspired by Gail Brodholt

Gail Brodholt is a contemporary painter and printmaker known for her linocut prints.

The London Landscape is heavily featured in her work with a focus on human activity amongst the transport network.

Gail successfully captures the atmosphere of seasons and the time of day in her prints with expert use of colour.

See more of Gail’s work on here.


Karen Wicks

Karen Wicks’s work is inspired by derelict buildings and captures the presence and intrigue of these abandoned structures using intaglio print techniques. Her work uses recycled packaging which becomes fragile and disintegrates over time, which reflects the subject matter of the ‘ghost buildings’ that inspire her.

Find out more about how you can get students to create their own prints using this resource by Karen Wicks

And Use These AccessArt Resources...

Easy Printmaking Techniques

Before you start use our pdf to find out about the different printing methods and pick one that works for you.

Explore Collagraph, Collage and Stitch…

Try this resource which combines a collagraph print, fabric and stitch to create a 2D image which could then be used to make a sculptural model house.


Explore Other Resources…

Try this AccessArt resource by Jan Miller and make sculptural printed houses. Or use and adapt collagraph to explore architecture with this resource

See other ways of making collagraphs with using the intaglio method in this resource by Suzie Mckenzie, or for younger students, adapt this resource which uses a relief method.

Pedagogy in 250 Words: 'How to Use Artists Work as Inpiration in the Classroom'
Pedagogy in 250 Words: ‘How to Use Artists Work as Inpiration in the Classroom’
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