Pathway: How Can I Use Printmaking To Explore The Structure Of A Building?

This is an enquiry-based creative learning pathway for learners between the ages of 11-16. Find more enquiry-based pathways here.

Discipline: Printmaking

In this pathway, suitable for ages 11 to 16, we explore printmakers inspired by urban landscapes. Use their work as the basis for conversation with pupils.

Continue your exploration by using the AccessArt resources below to enable an exploration of the question: How can I use printmaking to explore the structure of a building?


Printmaking (Linocuts, Collagraphs, Intaglio) 

Gail Brodholt, Karen Wicks

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Collagraph by Karen Wicks
flats final
ages 11-14
ages 14-16

Explore Printmakers...

Talking Points: Gail Brodholt

Gail Brodholt is a contemporary painter and printmaker known for her linocut prints.

The London Landscape is heavily featured in her work with a focus on human activity amongst the transport network.

Explore some videos made by Gail in “Talking Points: Gail Brodholt” and see more of Gail’s work on on her website.

Talking Points: Karen Wicks

Karen Wicks’s work is inspired by derelict buildings and captures the presence and intrigue of these abandoned structures using collagraph.

Karen creates her prints from packaging, becoming fragile and disintegrating over time, this reflects the subject matter of the ‘ghost buildings’ that inspire her. Explore more how of work in “Talking Points: Karen Wicks“.

And Use These AccessArt Resources...

collagraph inspired by architecture by Paula Briggs

Make Collagraphs Inspired by Urban Landscapes & Architecture…

Find a building in your local area that you either like the exterior of, or means something to you, and explore it through any of the following activities:

Find inspiration from Karen Wicks’ process and explore “Printmaking using Packaging“. 

Create a collagraph onto fabric. Use and adapt the “Collagraph, Collage and Stitch” resource.

Or create a “Collagraph inspired by architecture“, focusing on the patterns and lines found in the structure of the building.

Notes for Teachers

Pedagogy in 250 Words: How do we use Artists in schools?

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