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“Drawing takes time. A line has time in it.” David Hockney


The AccessArt Drawing Journey: Explore and Develop Drawing Skills

AccessArt has created Drawing Journeys for all ages, from 5 years through to adult learners, to inspire and enable everyone to enjoy drawing. 

Each journey starts with resources to help you understand what drawing can be, followed by simple activities and more involved projects to develop your skills and build your experience, plus examples of drawings by artists to inspire you further. 


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How do we inspire and enable children just starting out on their creative journey to explore drawing in its fullest sense? AccessArt helps children and teachers understand how we can open out the idea of “drawing” to make materials, processes and approaches as inclusive and aspirational as possible.

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As children enter their teenage years we need to make sure we keep their interest in drawing by making it as relevant to pupils as possible. How do we do this? By continuing to widen out what “drawing” can be, by inspiring pupils with the work of exciting artists, and by providing lots of opportunities for pupils to develop their own work. We guide teachers and pupils through the process.

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Whatever your age, ability or experience, its never too late to develop your drawing skills. Drawing can be many different things to different people, and we help you understand and explore what drawing can be for you. 

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The term “drawing” embraces so many different activities, intentions and explorations. Our drawing resources can really help learners with SEND explore and develop their creativity. 

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