Talking Points: Alvaro Naddeo

A collection of imagery and sources designed to stimulate conversation around the work of Alvaro Naddeo.

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Alvaro Naddeo

“Art has a political role. I believe we as artists can and should put subjects to be discussed, to be reflected upon, and to be talked about.”

Alvaro Naddeo is originally from São Paulo, Brazil and currently in Los Angeles, USA.

Alvaro’s father was an illustrator and Alvaro spent much of his childhood drawing, however he moved into advertising as a profession. Recently he returned to make his own artwork.

Alvaro wears contact lenses or glasses to correct his “bad eyesight” but he doesn’t like to wear glasses when he paints. When he takes his glasses off, the world is blurry, except when he is very close up to his work, at which point it is focussed. He thinks this is why he enjoys creating so much detail in his paintings. 

In terms of subject matter, Alvaro credits his years working in advertising as being an influence. He paints recognisable brands and disposable objects which are both attractive to us and also remind us of our tendency towards wasting resources. 

Visit Alvaro’s website to see more of his wonderful work. 

Illustration By Alvaro Naddeo

“The subject matter of my work is waste, overconsumption and social inequality” Alvaro Naddeo

Please note in the video below there is a small and brief detail of a woman’s torso. As teacher pls decide if you want to show the video. 

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Questions to Ask Children

Take a really close look at Alvaro’s work on his website. Notice how his work changes over time. 

What do you think Alvaro’s main interest are? How many different elements / objects does he bring into one piece? How does he connect them? Does he play with scale?

How do you think Alvaro uses his skill as a painter to draw attention to issues which he thinks are important?

How long do you spend looking at each painting? Do you understand more about the work the longer you spend looking?