Talking Points: Exploring Flip Books

A collection of imagery and sources designed to explore different flip books.

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Animate the Earth

Animate the Earth uses a book as the foundation for the flip book. Using an old book is a good way to make a flip book quickly. The background text can also add some character to the animation. You could even use the story line or theme of the book to inspire the storyline of your flip book.

Questions to Ask Children

Do you like the background of words on a page? Why?

What is your favourite part of the animation?

Do you think the artist planned what was going to happen next or was just playing with what is possible?


Colibri Flip Book

Graphite and coloured pencil on paper, stainless steel, delrin, motor electronics 10x10x12.7 CM.2011 By J. C. Fontanive

J. C. Fontanive

Fontanive invented the first flip book machine in his bedroom from old bike, car and clock parts and vinyl records. The invention explores moving image, form and structure. Multiple frames are shown in sequence to form the animation. The fluttering of the paper provides a natural soundtrack bring the still images to life.

Quiknesse, 2009 flipbook machine

Questions to Ask Children

What kind of bird do you think that this features in these flip book machines?

Which is your favourite and why?

Does the painted background of Quiknesse add anything to the flip book machine? If so, what?

What bird would you like to see in a flip book machine?

Volume 5 of Harumin Asao’s Cat series

Harumin Asao is a Japanese illustrator who uses flip books as a way to create short and playful animations.

Using small pages for flip books gives a nice control when flipping through as opposed to bigger thinner pages. 

Questions to Ask Children

What your favourite animal?

Think about how that animal might greet you when you get home.

Flip Book Within a Flip Book

The Flippist creates hand drawn flip books as a career, from engagement proposals to more commercial projects the Flippest has made a flip book for every occasion.

Questions to Ask Children

If you could make a flip book for any occasion what would it be?

Whats your favourite part of this flip book and why?

What other objects could replace the volcano and leak out of the flip book?