Talking Points: Kittie Jones

A collection of sources and imagery to explore the work of landscape painter Kittie Jones.

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Kittie Jones

Kittie Jones is a fine artist based in Edinburgh. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University in 2008; she currently works from her studio at Coburg House Art Studios in Leith and regularly exhibits around the UK.

“My work is concerned with the experience of time spent looking and interpreting the natural world. I am drawn to places which have an abundance of nature – sea bird colonies, fertile coastlines and remote islands. On drawing trips I will settle in a promising spot and start to develop work from there. The energy in the work comes from the constantly changing elements of the natural world – birds moving in and out of vision and the shifting quality of weather and light. “Kittie Jones

Find a fantastic insight into Kittie’s creative process here on AccessArt.

Questions to Ask Children

What kind of atmosphere does Kittie capture in her work?

How does mark making add to the painting?

How do the paintings make you feel?

What other inputs do you think Kittie gets from painting outdoors? How do you think these impact her work?

Would you like to experience sitting and painting in the outdoors?

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