Talking Points: Lucy Engelman

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A collection of sources to explore the art of Lucy Engelman.

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Lucy Engelman

Lucy is an illustrator living in Pittsburgh, PA in the USA. She is an illustrator using traditional methods of line drawing. Her work often shows her fascination and love for the natural world. Her work has appeared in magasines and books and often beyond the printed page through collaborations with chefs and farmers, creating imagery for clothes, home goods wallpapers.

Explore images of Lucy’s hand drawn maps on her website here.

Watch the video below to learn more about Lucy, the way in which she works and her ideas surrounding maps.

Questions to Ask Children

Can you describe some of the landscapes Lucy was in during this video? How did those places make you feel?

Can you think of a place near where you live that is similar?

Do you think a map always has to tell you where to go? Why? Why not?