Talking Points: What is Installation Art

A collection of imagery and sources designed to introduce children to Installation Art.

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What is Installation Art?

Installation Art often occupies large rooms or spaces. It is usually designed for a specific environment for a temporary period of time. Installation art can often be engaged with and is meant to create a unified experience for the viewer.

Inflatable Installations

Tentacles in Philadelphia, USA – Filthy Luker and GroupX

Filthy Luker creates inflatable installations designed to make our environments more fun and surreal.

Questions to Ask Children

How does this installation make you feel?

What kind of creature is hidden inside the building? How many eyes does it have?

How many shoes would this creature need?

Is there a building in your local area that you would like to see an inflatable creature in?

Light Installations

Liz West, Our Colour Reflection, 2020 © Jussi Tiainen : Hyvinkää Art Museum
Liz West, Our Colour Reflection
Liz West, Our Colour Reflection, 2016. Image Credit - Hannah Devereux

Liz West is an Internationally Acclaimed Visual Artist who uses light as a tool, controlling the amount, shape, form, size, colour, strength and quality to fill architectural or fabricated structures. Liz’s installations immerse the viewer in saturated environments and are known to stir up emotional responses in those who see it. Find out more about Liz West in her “Which Artists?” post.

Questions to Ask Children

How does this installation make you feel?

How does the environment that the installation is in, change the way you experience it?

How do you think it would feel to interact with this installation?

How has the installation transformed the environment?

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