The AccessArt Offer to Primary Schools & Teachers

Curriculum Planning

Need help planning your art curriculum? AccessArt has created resource selections to help!

AccessArt has many years experience in helping schools, (and the wider community) deliver high quality visual arts teaching. Our core aim is to raise the quality of visual arts teaching and learning through sharing inspirational practice. We are the leading provider of artist-led and artist-inspired teaching and learning resources. Read More

AccessArt Exemplar Primary Art Plan

Explore our exemplar curriculum plan for Primary art.

Years 1 to 6, plus after school clubs. Our exemplar plan provides a rich and inspiring curriculum! Basic skills are introduced and then built upon, including drawing, printmaking, sketchbooks, painting and making. Skills are revisited and the use of ongoing sketchbook work underpins this process. AccessArt believes in fostering an open-ended exploration of creativity. Our resources do not follow prescriptive outcomes, instead we believe the role of the teacher is to introduce key skills, materials and ideas to the pupils in such a way that each pupil can then explore his or her own creativity. By creating a safe and nurturing environment, pupils are encouraged to take creative risks and to learn from the journey, rather than head towards a pre-defined end result. The resources included are suitable for pupils of all abilities, and can be confidently delivered by specialist and non-specialist teachers a like. Read More

Developing the Primary Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

AccessArt has collected together some of the questions we often get asked about how we can help teachers develop the primary art curriculum. Read More

Areas of Interest: Artsmark

AccessArt is an Artsmark Partner Organisation

Artsmark places creativity at the heart of education. Find our dedicated Artsmark resource section here for schools on their Artsmark journey as well as details on how AccessArt can support teachers deliver an inspiring Artsmark programme. Read More

Inset for Primary Teachers

AccessArt offers tailor-made Inset and CPD for teachers. Find out more.

AccessArt delivers Inset sessions in the Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and London area. Read More

Start Here: Drawing

New to Teaching Drawing in School? Start Here!

Start Here: Drawing is a collection of resources specially created by AccessArt to help you deliver art education in your primary school. Read More

Areas of Interest: Developing Drawing Skills

Tried and tested, experimental and innovative, practical and effective: drawing exercises for all ages.

Drawing skills are crucial not only to our future creative generation but also to all those who use sketching as a way of thinking and sharing: from plumbers to surgeons, engineers to vets. Our resources share ways of approaching drawing, both observational and experimental. A key aim is to give even inexperienced teachers the tools they need to teach drawings effectively. Read More

Areas of Interest: Sketchbooks

AccessArt has a wealth of experience in introducing and developing sketchbooks.

Creative use of sketchbooks is a passion of AccessArt. An Esmee Fairbairn funded project “Sketchbooks in Schools” helped us trial their use and enabled us to build a collection of resources for teachers to use. Our resources are created with the help of artists and educators to enable teachers to widen their practice. Read More

Areas of Interest: Drawing and Making

Drawing and making share a unique relationship. Explore resources which enable this exploration.

Drawing and Making are perfect bed fellows – each inspiring and informing the other. Be inpsired by this set of resources which will help enable hand eye coordination and creative thinking. Read More

Topic Planning

Resources by themes to help you plan.

There are hundreds of resources on AccessArt and we want to make it as easy as possible for teachers to find the information they need. We have compiled a series of collections based around common primary school themes or topics, to help you find resources which will feed your classroom practice. Read More

Areas of Interest: Artweek

Advice and Inspiration for Planning an Art Week.

AccessArt has helped lots of schools plan their artweek, either as part of an Inset if you are in our area, or by email if you are an AccessArt member, in which case we can suggest resources and approaches around your chosen theme. Read More

Art Rooms in Primary Schools

How might having an art room affect your school?

Case studies sharing the impact of having a dedicated art room and / or art teacher in primary schools. Read More

The AccessArt Offer To SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability)

Making Creativity Happen

We believe that creativity is in us all and each and everyone of us has the right to express ourselves through creative process, no matter what the barriers to that might be. Follow this link for more about Special Educational Needs and Disability. Read More

Commissioning Opportunities

Earn money towards art supplies by sharing visual arts teaching ideas!

A big part of what makes AccessArt special is our evolving collection of unique resources that inspires teaching, learning and practice. Take the opportunity to raise the profile of your school and earn money for art materials, (handy if your budgets are being squeezed!) by contributing to our bank of visual resources by sharing ideas from your teaching practice. Read More

Take a Distance Learning Course

Practical Distance Learning Courses for Teachers!

AccessArt offers a small number of online courses which you can take in your own time and enable you to explore sketchbooks and drawings. You can even upload work for comment if you feel inspired! These courses have helped many teachers develop their skills and provide a very cost effective alternative to Inset sessions. Read More

Join in with a Participatory Projects

Lots to Choose From to Inspire you!

AccessArt organises lots of ongoing participatory projects which aim to inspire creativity whoever you are and wherever you live. The projects form a perfect way for teachers and children to focus creative esploration and sometimes take part in a shared experience. Read More

Books to Inspire Creativity: Drawing Projects for Children

5 Star Reviews from Teachers - Packed Full of Inspirational Drawing Projects

Lots of drawing exercises and drawing projects designed for primary aged children. This book encourages both an observational and experimental approach. Read More

Books to Inspire Creativity: Make, Build, Create, Sculpture Projects for Children

Sculpture Projects for Children of all Ages!

Making is a vital skill which children love. This book shares lots of ideas for making projects which encourage creativity, dexterity and curiosity. Read More

See All Resources

AccessArt has over 750 unique, artist-inspired resources for you to explore!

Our resource collection grows every week. Resources cover drawing, sketchbooks, painting, printmaking, design, illuustration and many more areas! Read More

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