Pathway: Shepard Fairey & The Teenage Voice

To help teachers navigate AccessArt resources, and to build an understanding of some of our key approaches to enabling creativity, AccessArt is creating a series of “pathways” along themes and topics which can be used in schools.

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This pathway provides a framework for teachers to explore the work of Shepard Fairey with teenagers, inspiring teenagers to create their own artwork about things which they care about. As with all AccessArt approaches, the emphasis is on a journey of building independent learning through lots of experimentation and creative risk taking, working towards varied and unpredicted final outcomes. 

Step 1. Explore the work of Shepard Fairey

In this step, we introduce teenagers to the work of Shepard Fairey, and in particular we look at how we might take inspiration from Fairey’s methods of production and use of imagery to make work which might be defined as propaganda art.

Step 2. Find Your Message (to the world)

Next we help teenagers find their voice and identify their own message to the world, so that they can begin to explore what they want their art to be about. What do they want to say? What do they care about? Find out how to enable this exploration here. 

Step 3. Collage & Print

Next teenagers explore collage and screen printing as ways to create their own propaganda art. Outcomes are highly personal and evolve organically. Find out how here. 

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