Talking Points: Drawn to Antarctica

A collection of imagery and sources designed to introduce children to artist Frances Hatch and her book, Drawn to Antarctica.

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Drawn to Antarctica by Frances Hatch

Drawn to Antarctica is a book about a journey made by artist, Frances Hatch, who turned 50 and knew she needed to see Antarctica. The trip only lasted a fortnight and yet years on she is still pondering the significance of what she witnessed. Information is gathered here from notes in sketchbooks, photographic records, paintings and drawings.

Current information about Frances’ work as artist and art educator can be found in her website.

Iceberg Collages

Iceberg Collage by Frances Hatch
Orange and Blue Iceberg Collage by Frances Hatch
Blueberg Collage by Frances Hatch
Foil Collaged Icebergs by Frances Hatch
Yellow Iceberg Collage by Frances Hatch

Questions to Ask Children

What colours and shapes can you see? 

What time of day might it have been when Frances made the collage? Why do you think that?

How do you feel when you look at the artwork?

Compare two of the artworks. What are the differences and similarities? Which do you prefer and why?


Travelling to the Antarctic by Frances Hatch
Travelling to the Antarctic by Frances Hatch
Travelling to the Antarctic by Frances Hatch

Questions to Ask Children

What colours can you see in the water?

What different marks can you see?

Why do you think there are so many colours in the water?

What do you think the weather was like that day?

Imagine you are in the painting. What can you hear, smell, feel?

Which is your favourite and why?


Penguins by Frances Hatch
Penguins by Frances Hatch

Questions to Ask Children

What different lines and marks can you see?

Is this a landscape you’d expect to see penguins in? Why?

How has Frances captured perspective?

How has Frances captured a sense of movement in the drawing?

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