Talking Points: Making Drawings Move

A collection of imagery and sources designed to explore the different ways in which drawings can move.

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Steve Kirby and Andrew Fox

Calligraphy Animals Animated is a collaboration between calligrapher Andrew Fox and director and animator Steve Kirby.

Questions to Ask Children

What shapes can you see?

Which animal in this animation is your favourite? Why?

If you could make a calligraphy animal that would appear in this animation what would it be? How would it move?

Why is collaboration important?


Lucinda Schreiber

Lucinda is an Australian director, animator and illustrator. Find more of Lucinda’s work here.

Questions to Ask Children

How does this animation make you feel?

What is a ‘transition?’ How many did you spot in this animation?

What is your favourite part of the animation?

Animated Afganistan Children’s Drawings

Questions to Ask Children

How do you feel when you watch this animation?

Which are your favourite parts?

Workshop with Tracy Miller-Robbins

This animation is a result of a “Animated Drawings” workshop at MODE 2017: Motion Design Education Summit, Ohio State University.

Questions to Ask Children

This animation was made as a result of a workshop. Which parts inspire you?

Two Animation Winners…

The following animations won a competition to encourage children and teenagers to make time to be creative…

Questions to Ask Children

What do you think about the way the children choose to communicate their message?

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