The Sketchbook Journey

The AccessArt Sketchbook Journey is a series of resources designed to help teachers, pupils and learners of all ages navigate their way towards a greater understanding and experience of how sketchbooks can develop our creativity. Paula Briggs, Co-founder and Director of AccessArt explains the thinking behind the project.


The AccessArt Sketchbook Journey

AccessArt has been an advocate of the use of sketchbooks as a tool to nurture creativity for many years. Our aim is to enable as many teachers and facilitators as possible (including non-specialist teachers) to feel able to explore the use of sketchbooks with their pupils.

For over 20 years AccessArt has been asking the question:

What kind of mechanisms do artists use to enable their creativity to flourish?

The answers to that question contain clues; clues that might suggest to us new ways we can enable creativity in children and teenagers.

One of the ways many adults develop their creativity is through the use of sketchbooks, and we see that in schools where sketchbook use thrives, creativity thrives too.

The AccessArt Sketchbook Journey aims to share sketchbook knowledge and experience through the following steps:

Step 1: Understand. What is a sketchbook? What happen’s inside a sketchbook? Let’s lift the lid and better understand the potential.

Step 2: Practice & Explore. Make time for sketchbooks and exploresketchbook activities. Experience what a sketchbook journey might look like.

Step 3: Reflect & Discuss. Use sketchbooks as an opportunity to understand more about our creativity, and as a tool for sharing the creativity journey.

Step 4: See Sketchbooks in Action. Be inspired by the sketchbooks of artists, teachers and children.

Throughout all the above stages, the journey for teachers is simple:

We give permission. We show pupils what sketchbooks can be in the widest sense, and we give permission for pupils to embrace that potential in an aspirational way.

We create opportunity for pupils to practice sketchbook skills and explore exciting projects

We nurture ownership, by reminding pupils that they can take control of their journey in and through their sketchbooks.


The AccessArt Sketchbook Journey