The Drawing Journey for Children Ages 9 to 11 – Drawing Exercises

Exercises to Build Drawing Skills

The exercises below have been selected as being suitable for ages 9 to 11. 

Drawing exercises underpin all creativity. Please note there is no absolute order that these exercises might be introduced, so please do feel able to choose the exercises that appeal to you. 

Repeated practice is key: vary the subject matter and drawing medium to keep the process active and engaging.

These exercises might be done at the start of an art lesson as warm-ups, or when children come in to school in the morning or after lunch as transition activities. Skills will quickly build over time, as will familiarity with materials, techniques and ideas. Skills will then feed into all art work. 

Work in sketchbooks or loose sheets of paper which can then be gathered into a Backwards Sketchbook. 

First Sketch by Phil Dean

pastels to capture texture

Turning paper into fur

explore 3d drawing with lego

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