DrawAble: Straight Line Drawings with Lorna Rose

By Lorna Rose

Lorna’s art explores mark-making and lines, made by pen and stitch. As part of the DrawAble series of resources for learning at home or school, this resource inspires children and teenagers to create drawings of indoor or outdoor environments, using straight lines.


End piece 2 by Lorna Rose

Notes for teachers


My name is Lorna Rose, and I’m an artist. I love drawing and I’m always spotting new things I’d like to draw, on holiday, in my garden, or even on the bus coming home from work, I make quick sketches to capture the moment. This is some of my work where I used stitch to make marks:


Part by Lorna Rose


Today, we’re going to explore how to make a drawing in our houses or outdoors using just straight lines. These pieces of artwork are great by themselves, but you can also develop them using other art forms, such as collage or stitch.

Wholestitch by Lorna Rose


How to create your drawing

To start off any drawing you need to look. I tell all of my students, look a hundred times and then look some more. Look around you – what can you see that is made up of straight lines?


Bookcase photo by Lorna Rose



House wall photo by Lorna Rose


Don’t forget that you will only be using straight lines. This can be quite challenging, but there’s always a way to work around it. You can use a ruler to create the shapes in your picture with straight lines. If you don’t have a ruler, anything with a straight edge is good, like a lollipop stick or an edge of a book.

Drawing process by Lorna Rose


If you have different grade pencils, thick or thin ones, or even pens, these can build up dark and light areas of your picture. Or, you can use a variety of marks such as crosshatching, shading, rubbing, or blending. Sometimes it helps if you close your eyes a little bit, to see where the light and dark areas are. Start by capturing the lines that stand out the most, the dark ones. This will create the structure, and then you can go on to fill in all of the other lines around it.


Mark-making by Lorna Rose


Adding other media

Once you’ve made your drawing, you can add to it by using stitch like I do, or even different kinds of tape or papers.


Stitching by Lorna Rose



Straight Line Drawings with Lorna Rose


Now, it’s your turn to have a go!

Find a subject or a scene and notice the major straight lines in it. Look at it as much as you can, before you start drawing. Keep re-looking at your drawing to assess how it’s coming on. Are you happy with it? Does it need anything adding to or tweaking in any way?


Garden drawing by Lorna Rose


Good luck. Enjoy making your drawing and have fun!

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