Collecting Colour

By Rachel Parker

In this final post in the ‘Exciting Colour‘ series, surface pattern designer Rachel Parker demonstrates how she creates her colour moodboards out of cuttings from magazines. See her decision process in action and find out how you can become a colour collector by making your own colour moodboard in sketchbooks. Become a member to access the full video below.

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What We Like About This Resource...

“It’s great to see how a simple exercise such as colour collecting, which can be done in a classroom setting, is also used in a professional capacity. This gives the activity a clear context and purpose. It’s nice to see Rachel’s  decisions being made in real time, it demonstrates how artists are constantly reflecting on and self evaluating their own decisions. Rachel also shows us that she sometimes gets colour palettes from photos that she’s taken herself, this is really exciting because it demonstrates how the artists experience is central to their work. Students will be able to bring their own experience and personality to this activity by having complete control over what their colour moodboard becomes.” – Tobi, AccessArt

See How This Resource Is Used in Schools...

Year 6, Whitchurch Primary School
Year 6, Whitchurch Primary School
Process Art at HP, Home Education group.
Process Art at HP, Home Education group.

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