Making a Hole Punch Sketchbook

A hole punch sketchbook is quick and easy to make. They are an excellent and cost effective way to use up old papers. The covers are made in the same way as the pages, and all kinds of materials can be used to personalise the sketchbooks.



  • Cheap, easy and versatile – you can use old paper (or new)

  • Easy for even young children to make.

  • Encourages learners to make decisions about what they would like their sketchbook to be like, and so builds ownership.

  • You can make different sketchbooks for different themed projects, for example you might make a hole punch sketchbook to support a learning topic about vikings, and another hole punch sketchbook to support a design project.

You will need:

  • A selection of paper. You can use recycled paper (old envelopes etc), as well as cartridge or sugar paper. Choose a slightly thicker paper for the cover.

  • A hole punch.

  • String, wool or ribbon.


1. Decide on the size of your sketchbook.

2. Cut or tear sheets of paper the same size you would like your sketchbook to be. Include plenty of plain paper.

3. Cut or tear two sheets the same size for the cover.

4. Take the hole punch and make holes in the sheets. Try to line the holes up by measuring where the holes occur.

Making a hole punch sketchbook

5. Thread the string or wool through the holes until all the sheets are attached. Open the sketchbook whilst the string is untied so that the pages lay flat. Then tie the string with a double knot.

Making a hole punch sketchbook

Making a hole punch sketchbook

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