Elastic Band Sketchbook

Elastic band sketchbooks are cheap to make, and easy to personalise. They are great “starter” sketchbooks, and can be made to support individual projects or for use at home.



  • Accessible – they are made using scraps of paper from around home/school.

  • Easy to personalise by choosing paper, and therefore helps nurture a sense of ownership.

  • Rough and ready – they stop sketchbooks becoming too precious, and so create an ideal platform for exploration and creative risk taking.

You Will Need:

  • A selection of old paper. Use recycled paper including old envelopes etc. Mix blank paper with patterned/marked.

  • Elastic band

  • Cardboard


1. Cut and Tear. Cut sheets of paper twice the size of the finished sketchbook.

2. Make the Cover. Cut a piece of cardboard twice the size of the finished sketchbook and fold it in half.

Making the cover of an elastic band sketchbook

3. Fold the Drawings. Fold the drawings so that they fit in the sketchbook.

Folding paper for an elastic band sketchbook

4. Secure. Secure with an elastic band.

Secure with an elastic band

An elastic band sketchbook


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