Visual Arts Planning: Insects and Minibeasts


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Be inspired to explore minibeasts and insects through observational drawing & making, with this unique selection of artist led teaching resources from AccessArt workshops for children and young people, including those with learning disabilities.

Please feel free to add links to other resources, or share your experiences and ideas, via the comments box below.

Drawing and Painting Insects and Minibeasts

Minibeasts with continuous line

Working from images of flies, spiders, ants, crane flies and beetles in a drawing workshop for ages 6 to 10.

Collaborative minibeast artwork

Artist Tracy McGuinness-Kelly leads pupils to create a beautiful collaborative piece of work, inspired by minibeasts, for permanent display inside their school.

Drawing with Tape on walls

Artist Rebecca Hoyes transforms a marquee wall into a tree of life with gaffe and electrical tape.

Drawing exotic insects

Drawing insects from the Cambridge University Museum of Zoology ‘handling collection’ with Sheila Ceccarelli.

Drawing insects in black pen

Teenagers from AccessArt’s Experimental Drawing Class, experimented with using a black pen to draw insects with Sheila Ceccarelli.

Drawing insects big

Working big (A1), teenagers experiment with mark making and gesture to draw large scale insects.

Making Insects and Minibeasts

'Drawing' wire insects

Using modelling wire to ‘draw’ an insect. The purpose of this exercise was to help ‘see’ and draw form and to make line drawings whilst really thinking about the quality of line achievable in black pen.

Making insect sculptures

Using insects as a theme for wire sculptures, but this is a versatile way of working and great for theming around the human body, animals, plants etc.

Making insects & birds for a school tree

This workshop presented year three pupils at Ridgefield Primary School with real design and making challenges as they worked to a brief to ‘create birds and insects for their school tree’. By Sheila Ceccarelli

Mixed media insects

Students at Castle School Cambridge enjoy the challenges of constructing in mixed media with Sheila Ceccarelli. Castle School is the Cambridge area special school and has 165 pupils from age 2-19.
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