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Get Arty! with AccessArt & Mencap

New venture to help raise awareness in schools!

Aimed at children from ages 5 to 11, Get Arty! is about bringing everyone together to take part in accessible creative activities which celebrate our unique personalities. AccessArt has helped shape the Get Arty! concept and developed 3 art activities to help provide a focus for a project in your school. Find out more!

Brand New Competition for Ages 5 to 18 to support creativity

Great prizes and free canvases!

Earlier this year we were introduced to these amazing foldable canvases by Scolaquip, and we thought they’d make a great basis for a competition. Scolaquip are giving away 600 of their canvases for free!

Coming up: AccessArt Village Month

Find out how you can join in!

The AccessArt Village project is gathering momentum and we’d like to invite schools, arts organisations and galleries to run workshops during the month of May to create sewn squares to contribute to the project! Find out how you can get involved whataver your age or ability…

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Stitched House in Under an Hour!

By Andrea Butler

We have been very impressed by the wide range of stitched techniques that have been used to create the many wonderful houses that we have received for the AccessArt Village Project. They range from beautifully embroidered surfaces to charming line drawings in stitch. The project can be completed at one sitting or you can finish it over several small sessions.

Colour in the Landscape

By Hester Berry

Just when you think you’ve got your head around form and tone, colour presents a whole new set of problems! But as with every topic, it can be broken down, simplified and approached in a pragmatic way. When colour is accurate, one can afford to let go a bit with form – brush marks can be freer and shapes can be more ambiguous, but the work will still be convincing. Read more…

Mayan Table Top Printing

By Sheila Ceccarelli

Sometimes you get a really good homework project. A Mayan Project for homework was a perfect opportunity to try out Morag Thomson Merriman‘s Eraser Printing!

Become part of the Brilliant Makers Club Network

Did you know accessart is a membership organisation?

AccessArt Believes Everyone Has the Right to be Creative

AccessArt is a UK Charity and we are the leading provider of visual arts resources. We have over 12,500 subscribers and 1500 members across the UK and overseas, all of whom believe in the power of creativity to transform. Show your support and join AccessArt. Members have full access to over 650 unique resources to inspire, enable and develop creativity. Membership costs from just £3.50 per month. Find out more about joining AccessArt.


Find out how to Join in our Campaign to Support Making

A Call to Arms for artists, makers, teachers, engineers…


Find out how AccessArt Supports Making

AccessArt advocates the importance of making in schools – find out more.

Online Course for Teenagers

Draw Together!

Aged between 18 and 18? Find out how to take part in this International Online Drawing Course organised by AccessArt and Cambridge School of Art. And it’s free!

See all our participatory projects

Designed to get your Creative Juices Flowing...

AccessArt organises a variety of participatory projects for all ages. Be Inspired!

Be Included in the accessart directory of artist educators

Highlight your Skills and Find New Work Opportunities

AccessArt is in the process of developing a directory of artist educators. If you live in the UK, find out how you can be included.

Two Books to Inspire Creativity in Children (and adults too!)

Drawing & Making

Drawing Projects for Children and Make Build Create are two beautiful books to inspire creativity in children. Find out how more and how to order direct.

What You Say about AccessArt

  • “I love the site and it gives me a fresh perspective after teaching art for 20 years it’s easy to get into ruts of doing too much of the same stuff. There was one sculpture of birds that I incorporated into my curriculum this year and they are beautiful.”

  • “The posts on Facebook that I quickly read and it triggers a little idea I can add to my lessons the next week bring art into all subjects. One such post was about making a little sketchbook. So I did! I made 70 from a paper for out year cohort to use whilst out on a field trip exploring our local area for our local history topic. No worksheets. ..just sketching.”

  • “Your teaching resources are brilliant, so well worth signing up again”

  • “I also wish to congratulate you on these amazing resources, it is a fantastic site.”

  • “We love the AccessArt projects – they are stunning and inspirational – I have passed them on to other friends and colleagues who are equally impressed.”

  • “The range of ideas and resources supports me in producing inspiring lessons for my students”

  • “I have found it a hugely valuable resource, containing inspirational ideas. I particularly like the art starter
    activities and being inspired by the art week activities.”

  • “AccessArt is a fantastic inspiration to my own practice as a teacher and made it a far more enjoyable experience for me too…”

  • “AccessArt has given me ‘permission’ to practice my teaching in a way that I feel has integrity and links to my own personal understanding of the creative process.”

  • “A great psychological support to teachers /artists carrying the creative torch! ;- )”

  • “…interesting and different ideas, that are not focused on a same end product for every child, but a creative experience for every child.”

  • “I am a new user to AccessArt and have been amazed at the depth and breadth of your resources. There is so much I can use and which inspires me.”

  • “Brilliant project ideas for children!”

  • “What I love about AccessArt is the open, innovative and experimental nature of the projects.”

  • “AccessArt has given me the courage to experiment. Gone are the days when all the children in the class draw the same picture & in comes free thinking, new ideas, discussions and thinking outside of the box.”

  • “AccessArt has made me feel like making art is a real profession that can challenge us and make us grow in ways that we never knew we could.”

  • “I LOVE the resources. I have replicated 2 projects and they worked brilliantly. The photos and breakdown of each project is enormously helpful… Thank you for all your efforts, it is making a big difference to my teaching practice.”

  • “Brilliant projects for my pupils with Autism that were accessible by all and created fantastic results!
    It always inspires me to try new projects. “

  • “AccessArt has helped me to provide opportunities for children to be more independent in their work and gain the skills they need to progress as artists.”

  • “Resources with pictures and outcomes are amazing”

  • “Being featured on AccessArt has really given weight to what I am doing. I love the openness and sharing involved through AccessArt.

  • “As a freelance artist and workshop leader it has been almost like having a friend to bounce ideas around with, getting so many balls rolling, and inspiring many projects.”

  • “Really good to know there’s a community out there as when you are almost always leading
    projects alone. Great, thank you.”

  • “What i particularly like are the warm up exercises for drawing that you share with us –
    particularly good at putting the kids at ease with the drawing process – and the projects can be followed easily.”

  • “I now intend to use the website and promote it through my school and hopefully glean many ideas for an arts week project that’s in the pipeline.”

Find out more about AccessArt

AccessArt is a UK Charity directed by Paula Briggs and Sheila Ceccerelli. Our aim is simple – to inspire and enable high quality visual arts teaching, learning and practice! Find out more.

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Paula Briggs

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Sheila Ceccarelli