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AccessArt is a creative community which supports visual arts teaching and learning. Established in 1999, our charity advocates the importance of high quality visual arts education for all, and we enable and inspire this through the UK’s largest collection of online resources in the visual arts.

We work in partnership with teachers & schools, artists, educators, arts & cultural organisations and universities, both in the UK and overseas. AccessArt has a broad and diverse audience made up of creative practitioners, artist educators, teachers and parents.

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“I think you are doing such important work. Creativity is how we can encounter the world, and deal with almost anything and everything. It is what makes us human and humane.” Alice Kettle, Textile Artist

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AccessArt has a broad and diverse audience made up of creative practitioners, artist educators, teachers and parents. Discover how we can help inspire and enable creativity below…

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The AccessArt website is a busy place with many thousands of activities and resources. Here are a few starting points to help dip your toes into all things AccessArt! If you have particular areas of interest, challenges or requirements please get in touch and we will do our best to guide you to resources we think you may like.

Explore Contemporary Artists, Designers & Craftspeople through “Which Artists?”

AccessArt is keen to help primary and secondary schools draw upon a diverse range of artists to inspire creativity amongst pupils. We are working to create a resource bank of artists as part of our forthcoming “Which Artists?” project; enjoy exploring some of the early resources below!

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AccessArt Believes Everyone Has the Right to be Creative

AccessArt is a UK Charity and we are the leading provider of visual arts resources. We have over 15,000 subscribers and 7000 members across the UK and overseas, all of whom believe in the power of creativity to transform. Show your support and join AccessArt. Members have full access to over 1100+ unique resources to inspire, enable and develop creativity. Membership costs from just £3.50 per month. Find out more about joining AccessArt.

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AccessArt has a collection of resources that are free-to-access.

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Explore our lovely resource contributors.

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