AccessArt Exemplar Primary Art Plan + Progression Plan


AccessArt has created a new Primary Art Curriculum which you can find here. 

Schools will continue to have access to our old Exemplar and Progression Plan (below) but we urge new schools to follow the new curriculum available here. 

AccessArt has created 3 plans to help Primary schools deliver a rich, exciting and relevant art education.

1) The EYFS Exemplar Curriculum Plan
2) The Primary Art Curriculum Plan
3) The AccessArt Progression Plan

The AccessArt EYFS & Primary Exemplar Plans

Download The AccessArt EYFS Exemplar Plan

EYFS Exemplar Plan

Download The AccessArt Primary Exemplar Plan


AccessArt Members Only:

Download an Editable Powerpoint Version of the AccessArt Progression Plan

Please note, AccessArt members can download the PPT version of our AccessArt Progression Plans so that you can edit the documents to suit your school’s needs. However please be aware that we regularly update our documents in response to changing requirements, and to developing resources on our site, so you will want to check in each year with the master version to check for relevant recommended changes. 

The AccessArt Progression Plan

download The AccessArt Progression Plan

download The AccessArt Progression Plan for MAKING

Access the Web Browser Version of the Exemplar Plan Click on the Year Groups below

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