Natsko Seki: Making Broadway Market

By Natsko Seki

Natsko Seki is a Japanese Illustrator based in England. She gained an Illustration degree from the University of Brighton, and has since gone onto create many travel inspired commissions recognised world wide. In this resource Natsko shares the inspirations and creative process behind this collaboration between her and publisher Design for Today’s folding book and card game. This resource could be of interest to both primary and secondary aged students.

Broadway Market Game by Natsko Seki

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What We Like About This Resource...

“This resource shows pupils how the experience, background and passions of an illustrator all feed into his or her work.

We like the way Natsko shares how her experience over time informs her work. For example, her background as a “visitor” or person living in cultures which she isn’t initially familiar with, enable her to see that culture through fresh eyes. She takes these observations in through her sketchbooks, and then these inform her work at various points going forward. This is an important concept when facilitating art and developing pupils’ own creativity – and sketchbooks provide the perfect tool for building this experience.” Paula, AccessArt

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