Which Artists: Tatyana Antoun

By Tatyana Antoun

Tatyana Antoun is a fashion designer from Beirut, Lebanon. Tatyana’s collection ‘Vamata’ was featured in the fashion film Museum Leila. Tatyana’s work explores the social restrictions force-fed to the youth in Lebanon in a string of illogical narrow ideals. Her work is heavily influenced by 80’s power dressing and the Club Kids of New York during the 90’s. Research for her collection takes place in bold and dynamic pop up sketchbooks and experiments with materials. Read on to explore Tatyana’s sketchbooks and the process behind her colourful collection. This post may be of interest to students in secondary school with an interest in pursuing a career in fashion, or could be inspiration for anybody wanting to explore the boundaries of what a sketchbook can be.

Pop Up Sketchbook By Tatyana Antoun

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“The research phase of a creative project can be presented in many different ways, and can even be an art form in itself. Here, Tatyana demonstrates how her sketchbooks became a medium through which she expressed her thoughts, refined her ideas and explored materials. We believe sketchbooks to be a powerful tool for children to take ownership of their ideas and travel on their own creative journey, without necessarily knowing the destination. Take a look at our sketchbook journey for more sketchbook inspiration” – Rachel, AccessArt.

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