Sketchbook Activities

Once you have been persuaded that keeping a sketchbook will be a rewarding activity, and you have made your sketchbook, it’s time to start thinking about what types of sketchbook activities you might pursue, and how you can use your sketchbook.

Drawing is a fundamental “sketchbook” activity, but we want to make sure that ALL the activities which might take place in a sketchbook, notebook or journal are equally valid in terms of enabling an exploration and externalisation of thought processes. The more ways we can think of to work in a sketchbook, the greater our vocabulary, and the more accessible (in terms of the number of people it appeals to) the sketchbook becomes.

Sketchbooks can be visual or textual – most are a combination of the two.

There are no hard and fast rules to working in a sketchbook – in fact the opposite should be the case. Sketchbooks are for exploration, investigation, externalisation and discovery – and sketchbooks should be places where those processes can be as idiosynchratic as the sketchbook owner.

Sketchbooks should be places in which mistakes can occur, and revelations be made. They might be a place for repetitive practice, or spontaneous leaps. Look at the sketchbooks of others and be inspired, but don’t feel the need to imitate. If you let your thoughts pour out into your books, your own style of working will evolve.

Sketchbooks are places where you can think out loud, albeit in private. HOW you think out loud, is up to you…

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