AccessArt would like to initiate the use of #InspiredBy in social media and on websites.

We are all inspired by other people and things – we are social creatures after all. Something seen on Pinterest, read on Facebook, caught on Twitter or Instagram, experienced in a Museum, heard on a podcast, read in a book etc etc. Sometimes it can be hard to know where our own ideas start and other people’s ideas end, and  that’s as it should be as we build upon our collective experience.

But all those ideas, artworks, words, teaching ideas that inspire us, come from a place of hard earned thought and action. Let’s acknowledge them, where we can, by giving a shoutout to our inspirational sources – both to share the inspiration further and as a thank you to the creator. 

So if you have been inspired by a person or organisation, and you know their ideas have impacted your thinking, then please consider using the #InspiredBy hashtag followed by the person or organisations name or social media account – and then we can all truly celebrate our collective creativity.

Thank you 

(#InspiredBy @stanforddschool 🙂 )

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