AccessArt Olympics: Ancient Greek Architecture

Explore the project below to help pupils discover Ancient Greek architecture inspired by Olympic History.

Ancient Greek Architecture

Aim: Pupils will explore Ancient Greek architecture through sketchbooks, collage and sculpture.

Step 1: Introduce in Sketchbooks

Consider asking pupils to make an Olympic project sketchbook using one of the “Making Sketchbooks” resources.

Begin by introducing pupils to the first ever Olympic stadium in Olympia with “Talking Points: Olympic and Paralympic Stadiums“. Use the questions to prompt discussion.

Follow on in sketchbooks with a drawing activity, exploring architecture using “Drawing Source Materials: Ancient Greek Architecture” as a drawing prompt.

Invite pupils to create drawings inspired by the source material using the “Show Me What You See” method. You can find a case study for this method inspired by Anglo Saxon architecture which will need to be adapted.

Show Me What You See Through Drawing

Step 2: Drawing

Adapt the “Houses From Around The World” resource to create textured collage drawings inspired by Ancient Greek Architecture. Invite pupils to look at the range of marks and lines made in sketchbooks in the previous session and build upon them.

If you would like to focus on making skills you may like to skip this step.

Looking at detail and drawing with black pen

Step 3: Making

Create Sculptures with Personality inspired by the “Sculptures with Personality, Inspired by anglo Saxon Houses” resource.

Making “sculptures” rather than “models” enables pupils to grow their ideas in individual directions, using the architecture of Ancient Greek buildings as a starting point.

Sculpture Inspired by Anglo Saxon Houses

Step 4: Reflect

Use the resource here to help you run a class “crit” to finish the project. 

Invite children to display the work in a clear space on tables or on the wall. Recap with them about the exploration – where they started, what they discovered and what they enjoyed. 

If you have class cameras or tablets, invite the children to document their work, working in pairs or teams.




A3 cartridge and newsprint paper

Drawing materials

Making Materials: Card, Corrugated cardboard, Coffee stirrers, Lolly sticks, Twigs, Toothpicks, Wire (various thicknesses for structure and binding), String, Withies, Hessian, Calico, Felted Wool

PVA Glue



Glue Guns


You could invite pupils to create sculptures inspired by a modern Olympic stadium.

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