Areas of Expertise

AccessArt has over 850 resources to help inspire your visual arts teaching, learning and practice. On this page we gather together some of our main projects and initiatives to help give an overview of our areas of expertise. 

Art Skills


Wonky Story development 3 by Rose Feather

Designed to help schools deliver an inspiring and appropriate curriculum for pupils working at home or school, AccessArt DrawAble connects drawing, narrative and visual literacy to provide pupils with a creative bridge to help them navigate from lockdown towards the new normal.

AccessArt has overhauled its Sketchbook Resources in the form of the AccessArt Sketchbook Journey, aimed at all ages of learners and their educators. 

Which Artists?


During 2021, AccessArt will be creating a visual resource bank of artists which learners of all backgrounds and ages can use to inspire their own creativity.

Art in Schools

Pedagogy in Practice

Messages written on paper and stuck on the wall by Stephanie Cubbin

Coming Soon

The Primary Art Curriculum

AccessArt has many years experience in helping schools (and the wider community) deliver high quality visual arts teaching. Our core aim is to raise the quality of visual arts teaching and learning through sharing inspirational practice.

Teaching art should be rewarding, and our curriculum planning advice will help teachers build their own facilitation skills, as well as providing comprehensive and creative activities for children.

Inspire 2020

Over the course of a year, AccessArt worked with Kate Noble, and the Fitzwilliam Museum Learning Team, to inspire primary school teachers, in and around Cambridgeshire, to take a closer look at Cupid and Psyche by Jacopo Del Sellaio to inspire creative responses by pupils in their schools.

This collection of AccessArt resources both documents the Inspire journey and signposts AccessArt posts which supported the teachers. Follow this link to find out more about Del Sellaio’s Cupid and Psyche as well as Renaissance processes and Inspire 2020 resources for teachers.

Beyond School

AccessArt Young Artists

Be Inspired by our AccessArt Young Artists and enjoy their creativity out of school. 


Animations and resources made by teenagers to help inspire and enable other young people to invest in their own creativity. 

Building Community, Sharing Expertise

The AccessArt Map


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