AccessArt Values

The following values are embedded in everything AccessArt believes in, and in the work we do:

Aspiration via Inspiration

We believe in a “can-do” approach. We aspire to being the most active, relevant and inspirational organisation we can be, and we want to help enable the same level of aspiration in our audience. We believe we can help build a creative climate in which individuals (whether they are pupils, students, facilitators, teachers or creative practitioners) are able to aspire to meet their own creative potential (and of course in so doing, inspire their own audiences…). AccessArt works to help raise levels of aspiration through inspiration – through showing what’s possible, and how…


We aim to ensure that we always strive towards excellence, in the resources we share, the way we communicate with our audience, the services we offer… To understand better, how we can do better, through communication with our audience.

Collaboration starting with the individual

No man an island – though unfortunately it can often feel like that! Especially in this economic climate – we can all operate better through collaboration. For AccessArt we know even the biggest collaboration starts with a single relationship, and whether collaboration is with an individual artist working alone in a studio or with an education department in a large museum, we enjoy and rely upon the collaborative process. Please get in touch!


AccessArt believes very strongly that through sharing we can all be better informed, more inspired, more productive and more fulfilled. Sharing is the opposite of hoarding – through hoarding we become possessive and insular, through sharing we become fed creatively and build confidence. Through AccessArt, this is achieved through an open exchange of ideas, processes and outcomes – and we can all play our part in that sharing process.


Our name says it all – we want art to become accessible. We are a registered charity, and we strive to make every individual, or organisation welcome. Unfortunately as we receive no funding, we must make a charge for some of our services, but we always ensure these are as low as possible.

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