Which Artists: Transformation for Ages 5 to 11

Find a collection of resources exploring the theme Transformation on AccessArt.

Explore pathways from the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum, a selection of hand picked Talking Points and activities on AccessArt relating to the theme of Transformation. These vary to cover the transformation of materials and spaces. 

If you use any of these resources in your setting, please tag us on social media: #InspiredBy @accessart (facebook, twitter) @accessart.org.uk (instagram) and share the url. Thank you!

These pages are in development.


Stick transformation project

2D drawing to 3d making

using natural materials to make images

Explore Transformation on AccessArt

Activities on AccessArt

creativity medals

flat yet sculptural

mini world light box

roots and shoots

making a treehouse

Sculptural Challenge No 2: Colour, Light and Form

anthotype photography

worry dolls

Shadow Puppets and Whiteboards

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