Which Artists: Collage and Assemblage


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Njideka Akunyili Crosby

Painted & Collaged Narratives of Cultural Collision

Jane Davies

Artist Working In Acrylic Paints, Drawing Media & Collage

Lee A McKenna

Textures & Markmaking Combined With Collage

Harold Hollingsworth

Compositions Using Collage, Acrylic Paint & Typography

Eloise Renouf

Illustrator & Designer of Graphic/Abstract Patterns

Andrea D'aquino

Designer And Illustrator Using Collage

Natsko Seki

Digital Collage Using Photoshop to Layer Images

Maurizio Anzeri

Embroidery On Found Photographs

John stezakar

Found Images Used To Construct Portraits & Narratives

On AccessArt

Pattern and Collage

Sheila Ceccarelli & Andrea Butler
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