Arts and Minds: Time to Introduce Ourselves – A Sculpture Challenge

Introduction by Gavin Clayton, Arts and Minds

This was the first session working with students at Cambourne Village College as part of the ‘Young People’s Pilot’, coordinated and managed Arts and Minds, a leading arts and mental health charity in Cambridgeshire.

Arts and Minds developed the Young People’s Pilot of Arts on Prescription, thanks to funding from the Arts Council’s Norfolk and Norwich Festival Bridge organisation.

In Cambridgeshire mental health service provision for Young People involves lengthy wait times and the thresholds necessary to trigger statutory care continue to rise.  Arts and Minds wanted to see what could be done as an ‘early help’ provision for young people within schools. The result was an initial pilot at Ernulf Academy in St Neots, which produced evidence showing significant positive impact on wellbeing and mental health along with improvements to behaviour and attendance.  

This second pilot, employing AccessArt‘s co-founder Sheila Ceccarelli, is a new delivery partnership and one that we hope will bring the work to the attention of a larger community of interest, build on the findings from first pilot and allow Arts and Minds to develop larger scale delivery within Cambridgeshire secondary schools.

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Time to Introduce Ourselves – A Sculpture Challenge

By Sheila Ceccarelli (artist) and Yael Pilowsky Bankirer (Psychotherapist)

Arts and Minds - Week 1 - SC


We kicked off the programme with a quick making challenge which would act as an ice-breaker and introduce students to an array of materials.

Having lots of different kinds of materials at hand was key to this session – allowing for plenty of exploring and inventing and also highly individual outcomes.

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