Be Inspired by the Photographs of AccessArt Young Artist Chloe Fox & Join in our Photography Challenge

AccessArt Young Artist Chloe Fox shares why she loves taking photographs. Be inspired by her work below, and then scroll down to see how you can take part in our 3,2,1, Photography Challenge!

Chloe Fox Photography

How old were you when you took your first photograph, and what did you use as a camera? Can you remember what made you take the photo?

I would say I was around 10-11 when I took my first photograph. I used my first Apple iPhone. I was in a plane and there was a stunning view outside my window and I couldn’t help myself, I knew I had to take that photo.

Do you edit or manipulate your photos using software? if so, what do you use and why do you like to do that?

Yes I do edit the majority of my pictures. The main editing app I use is an app called Snapseed. It’s a very good app to use. I like to edit my pictures because I can add more features or I can add more light or take away light. I get to see my photos from different angles and different styles.

What do you use to take photographs on now?

To take photos now, I use a Nikon D5200

Do you feel like being a photographer is now part of your identity? Do you feel like your photographs inspire your friends/others?

Yes, I feel like being a photographer has become a part of who I am and my identity. I love to take photos and I would definitely hope that my photographs inspire my friends/family and others. I do normally get a lot of positive feedback on my photos and it makes me feel like people looking at my work.

Can you sum up what it is about photography that you love?

At the beginning, I started taking pictures because the process absolutely amazed me. I don\’t think I understood how photography was an art form, but I loved it from the start.

I think I like photography because it can be used in the following ways…

Photography as Escapism

Taking photographs gives me freedom that I don’t get from anything else. I get such an amazing feeling taking pictures and I feel so relaxed as if I have no worries in the world.

It is the best way to relieve stress. For me, it is easy to get frustrated or stressed and taking pictures relieves me of that feeling. It is honestly the greatest feeling taking a picture and looking at it and you’re able to think “Wow, I really like that” and you feel so proud of yourself.

Chloe Fox Photography
Chloe Fox Photography

Photography as a way to Create Memories

I get to capture the best moments of my life and of others. As I look back over my photographs I get to remember another day or trip that I experienced. It is such a great feeling reliving those moments.

Chloe Fox Photography

Photography as a Tool for Discovery

Photography was my hidden talent. I had no idea I was ever going to become a photographer or even like taking pictures at all. However, this changed when I took my first photograph. When I looked at the first picture I took, I fell in love with taking photos.

I think taking photographs can help us see ourselves and the world in new ways. 

Chloe Fox Photography
Chloe Fox Photography

3,2,1 Photography Challenge

We hope you are inspired by AccessArt Young Artist Chloe Fox to take part in the AccessArt 3,2,1 Photography Challenge!

Taking part is free of charge and you can do so in your own time and space

The idea is simple: challenge yourself to take 6 photographs…

3 Take 3 Photographs Around the Theme of \"Escapism\"

What things, people, places, activities help you create a sense of release and escape? Maybe your photographs will be of food, places in your home or garden, or local area. Maybe you will focus in on the small details of life, or maybe you will widen your perspective to the larger landscape. Or maybe you will manipulate imagery using software after you have taken the photographs to create a sense of fantasy. 

2 Take 2 Photographs Around the Theme of \"Memory\"

You might decide to photograph things which are very everyday and routine, but sum up your world now, or you might decide to take a photograph of an event which stands out because it is more obviously memorable. Either way, how can you create a sense of \”memory\” in your photographs, either a memory to keep for the future or a memory you have from the past?

1 Take 1 Photograph Around the Theme of \"Discovery\"

Take 1 photograph around the theme of \”discovery\”. This might be a place you have found for the first time or re-seen, or a new food you have tried, or a new hobby or interest. 

If you\’d like to send us your photos we\’d love to see them!

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Chloe Fox Photography

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