How Do We Look At Contemporary Sculpture: Meg Klosterman

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We are pleased to share the work of Meg Klosterman, a recent Masters graduate from the University of Arts London and an exhibitor at London Grads Now.21

Meg’s piece ‘For Estelle’ is ‘a memorial to her great grandmother “my Mammaw, Estelle Clark (B. Lee Country, Virginia; October 16, 1925- D. August 6, 2011). A decade after her death, the handkerchief is the way I can still touch her. I feel the forgotten power in the softness of the hankies. This work is ongoing. I don’t believe that it will ever be finished… I don’t want it to be.”

March 2020- ongoing

Begin to interpret the artwork using these questions…

Try asking the following questions when looking at an artwork, either as a group or as an individual. Remember that there is no wrong or right response.

What do you see? First of all, let’s make sure we have really looked at the artwork. Keep it simple. Tell it as it is: Can you tell what it’s made from? How big is it? What can you see? Ask these questions as a group and you’ll find the hive mind helps individuals with the group see things they wouldn’t have seen before.
What do you like? What does it make you think about?
What do you see which makes you curious?
What do you struggle with? Are there things which don’t make sense to you?
Can you find out anything about the artist or artwork? Does the title help? Does the artist share why they made the piece and what they were thinking?
Have your feelings changed towards the artwork since we started exploring it by asking questions?

'For Estelle' In Saatchi Gallery By Meg Klosterman Close Up Of 'For Estelle' By Meg Klosterman Close Up Of 'For Estelle' By Meg Klosterman

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